Why I Do This

I was lucky enough to be a teenager through the eighties and I was mad on music, big hair, bad make-up and all that went with being a teenager of the times. All these years later I still have the big hair but now it is "touched" with grey and the bad make-up is gone but the tunes still play loudly in my head and even louder if they grace my radio, tv or mp3player. I will gladly admit to being a"mainstream" fan for the most part but I do have the odd liking for some of the less "played to death" bands of the time. What started all this was a drawer full of slowly decaying cassettes and a fear of losing the music that is on them. So I began to recreate them onto CD and I am loving it and finding some fantastic albums along the way.

I would like to re-dedicate this site to my late husband, he lost his long battle with cancer in 2011, he was a huge 80's fan, possibly even more so than myself. So for you my love.

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Updated 15th May 2020

Hi All, I am slowly revamping the blog. You won't find any download links on this site but I am only too happy to of supplied the tracklistings to assist you in remembering those long lost gems .Thanks Meggsy

Friday, May 2, 2008


Hi All, Have had a bit off time away and thought I'd pop in an say Hi and have a bit of a catch up with things. A long weekend coming up and I have some new albums I will be posting so stay tuned for those. Also I see the lovely guys over at K-tel have posted Hard Knocks ( see my April 13th post) so you should go visit them and grab a copy. I am also uploading some of the past post albums in full at the moment finally so check back for those. Also I would like to thank everyone that has sent emails with regards to the 80's Tapes List blog, you guys truly are great and yes I have taken the advice and done what we discussed. So check your inboxes for those emails :) Have a great long weekend ( If your a Queenslander ) Cheers Meggsy


skids said...

Here you go meggsy

7. Wendy & The Rockets - Reputation

Meggsy said...

Thanks very much skids, your a great help ;)

Tricky said...

TAKA BOOM Full Album (incl the song "to Hell With Him" -
password is willforall (cheers to original uploader)


SHOCK - ANGEL FACE (12 inch version) -

Tricky said...

here is another blog post where you can find the Jam Machine song "Everyday" -


Meggsy said...

Thanks a bunch tricky, also check your email, I only just sent of my reply. :)