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I was lucky enough to be a teenager through the eighties and I was mad on music, big hair, bad make-up and all that went with being a teenager of the times. All these years later I still have the big hair but now it is "touched" with grey and the bad make-up is gone but the tunes still play loudly in my head and even louder if they grace my radio, tv or mp3player. I will gladly admit to being a"mainstream" fan for the most part but I do have the odd liking for some of the less "played to death" bands of the time. What started all this was a drawer full of slowly decaying cassettes and a fear of losing the music that is on them. So I began to recreate them onto CD and I am loving it and finding some fantastic albums along the way.

I would like to re-dedicate this site to my late husband, he lost his long battle with cancer in 2011, he was a huge 80's fan, possibly even more so than myself. So for you my love.

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Updated 15th May 2020

Hi All, I am slowly revamping the blog. You won't find any download links on this site but I am only too happy to of supplied the tracklistings to assist you in remembering those long lost gems .Thanks Meggsy

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thru The Roof '83

Thru The Roof 83

01 Pat Wilson - Bop Girl
02 Dragon - Rain
03 Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
04 UB40 - Red Red Wine
05 Paul Young - Wherever I Lay My Hat
06 Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow
07 Sharon O'Neill - Maxine
08 Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch
09 Michael Sembello - Maniac
10 Billy Joel - Tell Her About It
11 Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
12 KC & The Sunshine Band - Give It Up
13 Cold Chisel - No Sense
14 Elton John - Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
15 John English - Some People (Have All The Fun)
16 Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money
17 Blues Brothers, The & Ray Charles - Shake A Tail Feather
18 Austen Tayshus - Australiana
From Wikipedia
Thru The Roof '83 was a various artists "hits" collection album released in Australia in 1983 on the CBS record Label (Cat No. ROOF 1). The album spent 5 weeks at the top of the Australian album charts in Dec. 1983 / Jan. 1984.


PJ said...

Wow this brings back some memories. Last copy I had was vinyl, and it was so badly scratched, it skipped every track. Good to see a decent copy here! (no errors in any track and the quality is excellent) 2 thumbs up :)

My favourite track on this album (among all the others here) is Austen Tayshus - 'Australiana' which was written by the 12th man (Billy Birmingham) it went to Number 1 and has the unique distinction of being a non-musical track.

Much appreciation to Meggsy and others who made these albums available. :)

skids said...

you have great tastes in music meggsy ;-)

DJ Chandru said...

hey man really nice collection.
i had a small problem with this file while opening...it says wrong password...could u help me on this


apm said...
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Anonymous said...

I love to listen this

hear music

Unknown said...

Fantastic era of music... Such simple times back then.. :(

I also had this "Cassette" (why do people look at you funny when you bring them out still?) when it came out, was just leaving school bout then!

Any chance of linking it again?

Unknown said...

Please post a download link soon!

Unknown said...

One of the many various artists tapes that I owned, I got this one for my 10th birthday.

Jason said...

Thanks very much Meggsy.