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I was lucky enough to be a teenager through the eighties and I was mad on music, big hair, bad make-up and all that went with being a teenager of the times. All these years later I still have the big hair but now it is "touched" with grey and the bad make-up is gone but the tunes still play loudly in my head and even louder if they grace my radio, tv or mp3player. I will gladly admit to being a"mainstream" fan for the most part but I do have the odd liking for some of the less "played to death" bands of the time. What started all this was a drawer full of slowly decaying cassettes and a fear of losing the music that is on them. So I began to recreate them onto CD and I am loving it and finding some fantastic albums along the way.

I would like to re-dedicate this site to my late husband, he lost his long battle with cancer in 2011, he was a huge 80's fan, possibly even more so than myself. So for you my love.

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Updated 15th May 2020

Hi All, I am slowly revamping the blog. You won't find any download links on this site but I am only too happy to of supplied the tracklistings to assist you in remembering those long lost gems .Thanks Meggsy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alive And Well And Living In Boxes.

Yes I am still alive, flat out packing house at the moment, trying to buy a new one and sell two others at the same time. So not much time apart from work and this thing I think they call sleep.
So wanted to "POP" in and say Gidday and to pass on a huge thanks to Mad Danno for his fierce defense of our little blog, the guy is a real gent in my eyes.
So bye bye to Aus Pop Mix, oh and thanks so much for actually sending me links to STUFF THAT WAS MINE OR DAN'S TO BEGIN WITH YOU TWAT. Not my most lady like moment guys and to you I apologise but that kind of behaviour shits me to tears.
Subject and his blog now closed!!!!

So as they say..... stay tuned, have found some goodies as I have been packing that I am dying to share.


aussound said...

Yeah. Did notice a while back that similiar/familiar (the same!)files were appearing on AusPopMix. No credit to original rippers/creators/uploaders. Funny (strange) that "This blog is open to invited readers only". Twat an understatement. Suppose he (it?) thought no-one would notice....

aussound said...

Hi btw Meggsy ;)

Anonymous said...

An understatement. Suppose he

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Bissekart said...

Wow M. Great Site! As a late comer to the whole compilations on web thing (why in amongst all the turgid cd re releases companies are doing they can't do up the old compilations I still haven't heard a good argument!) I can truly say you have some memories here! In brisbane too did I see somth about that? *Shrugs*

Wow good to see anyhow - this is an inspiration .. will have to scrape some cash and get a set up to do my tapes over as well.

PJ said...

awesome! i love the stuff this and related legitimate links offer. keep it up!

Unknown said...

This blog is awesome. I was a child in the 80's, but I remember hearing a lot of good music growing up. These mixtapes bring up a lot of good memories. Love it!!!

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